The University of Illinois is home to one of the largest greek life communities in the U.S. with 48 IFC fraternities.


The Brotherhood

Brotherhood is the foundation of fraternities. When you join a fraternity you are not just joining a club, you are joining a brotherhood. Whether its academic, philanthropic or social your brothers are going to be the resources and source of support throughout your college career and beyond. With 48 such fraternities at Illinois we have a place for everyone.

The Fraternities


Recruitment at University of Illinois consists of informal recruitment. This means that each fraternity will be hosting its own events. Whether it be wing and pizza nights or a basketball tournament, fraternities will have plenty of opportunities to meet the members. Most fraternities will also have a booth at quad day. In addition to individual chapters recruitment efforts the IFC hosts a barbecue the weekend before class. For more information about events and recruitment follow the link.


The Council

 The Interfraternity council at University of Illinois is the governing body for most of the general fraternities at the University. The council consists of 9 members each with an individual role. The IFC is the liaison between the University and the fraternities. In order to keep in contact with the fraternity community, Presidents meetings are hosted by IFC biweekly. Contact at us at anytime through the emails following the link.

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