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Information for Chapter Presidents


What social events need to be registered?

All social events, both coed and brotherhood, must be registered 7 days before the event. This includes pregames, exchanges, barcrawls, date events, and formals. 

What is Kolusis?

Kolusis is the Greek Life monitoring system which provides members from IFC and PHC chapters to check that three sober monitors from both participating chapters are present at socials events, and overall safety are in accordance with our bylaws. 

We just scheduled a social event less than 5 days away, do I still register it?

Yes, a chapter is allowed 3 late registrations (less than 5 days, more than 24 hours) per semester. 

What the risk management policies and expectations for IFC chapters?

All risk management by-laws can be found in our IFC/PHC Risk Management Policy found on the page of event registration on the IFC website.

Where do I find the Social Registration Form?

The Social Registration Form is on the IFC Website under Chapter Resources - Kolusis. Link:


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