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Q: What social events need to be registered?

A: All social events, both coed and brotherhood, must be registered 7 days before the event. This includes pregames, exchanges, barcrawls, date events, and formals. 

Q: We just scheduled a social event less than 7 days away, do I still register it?

A: Yes, a chapter is allowed 3 late registrations (less than 7 days, more than 48 hours) per semester. 

Q: What is Kolusis?

A: Kolusis is the Greek Life monitoring system which provides members from IFC and PHC chapters to check that three sober monitors from both participating chapters are present at socials events, and overall safety are in accordance with our bylaws. 

Q: What the risk management policies and expectations for IFC chapters?

A: All risk management by-laws can be found in our IFC/PHC Risk Management Policy found on the page of event registration on the IFC website.

Q: Where do I find the registration form?

A: The Social Registration Form is on the IFC Website under Chapter Resources - Kolusis. Link:

Exec Updates

Dan Smith - President

  • Police department is coming to speak about Unofficial at next meeting

  • Transition document has been sent out. If you did not get the email, let me know

  • Office Hours: 

Miguel Quinones - Standards

  • Publicizing J-Board outcomes

  • Kolusis revisions underway

  • Office Hours: 

Liam Roth - EVP

  • IGI week 4 email, submit it by 2/15.

  • Email me if you have questions/concerns

  • Office Hours: 

Brandon Keller - Operations

  • Sent email out to chapters that still have not paid dues

  • Spring dues will come out in April

  • Office Hours: 

Gannon Greene - Risk

  • SAB For Unofficial

  • Please have exec board contact info posted on the front door of your house

  • Office Hours: 

Robert Kowalski - Recruitment 

  • Phired up coming to campus

  • Creating IFC Recruitment Booklet

  • Office Hours: 

Alec Higgason - Mem. Development

  • Mental Health Workshop 2/26 @6pm in 1000 Lincoln hall

  • Apply for Fraternity Man of the Month

  • Office Hours: 

Tyler Gold - Scholarship/Service

  • IFC Philanthropy Sponsorship live on IFC website

  • Graduate Student Reimbursement Form live IFC website

  • Office Hours:

Markus Grasemann - PR

  • Composites March 12th

  • Send me stuff for social media

  • Looking for a director of marketing chairman

  • Office Hours: