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Recruitment Event Schedule

By Chapter Host:

IFC Open House:

Each Chapter has their own recruitment schedule. If you would like more info about a specific chapter's schedule, contact that chapter via the Chapters tab. The following chapter events are in no particular order.

Sigma Phi Epsilon:

8/27 5-7 Pizza and House tours
8/29 5-7 Barbeque and bags
9/3 4-7 Open House and hoops
All events at our Chapter House 1105 S. 4th St.

Sigma Nu:

1) Move-In Day BBQ on 8/22 @1PM at our Chapter House
2) Basketball at ARC Side Courts 8/28 @4PM
3) NFL Season Opener 9/5 @6PM at our Chapter House

Theta Chi:

8/28/19: Ice Cream Social during IFC open house: Come to the Theta Chi house at 303 E. John st. to grab a cold bowl of ice cream and talk to the brothers of Theta Chi. Activities such as bags and water pong will be at the event and the house will be open for a walk around. House opens @ 5pm
9/5/19: TNF NFL season opener: Bears vs Packers. Come to the Theta Chi house at 303 E. John st. to watch the NFL season opener with the brothers. Wear your favorite jersey and talk to brothers about your passions, studies, and interests. Food and beverages will be provided. House open @6pm
9/12/19: Sports Day at Frat Park: Come to Washington/frat park to play sports with the brothers of Theta Chi. From football to basketball and ultimate Frisbee, there's something for everyone! Talk to brothers of the fraternity, share interests and stories, and be ready to play sports. Beverages will be provided. Event starts @5pm

Sigma Phi Delta:

Sand Volleyball
8/29 at 5:30PM. Meet at the SPD Chapter House (302 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign). Chipotle will be provided!
Game Night 
9/3 at 5:30PM at the SPD Chapter House. We'll have lots of different consoles and games to play while you meet the members of our fraternity. Cravings will be provided.
9/5 at 5:30PM at the SPD Chapter House. Come by and compete against other rushees and brothers of SPD in trivia while enjoying catered wings!

Psi Upsilon:

1. Psi U Basketball every Tuesday at our chapter house basketball court. 
2. Super Smash Bros Tournament on Sep. 4th. 
3. NFL Kickoff viewing on Sep. 5th.

Sigma Tau Gamma:

bbq at our house on the 27th at 6pm, Murphys dollar burger night / pool on the 2nd at 6pm, and a bonfire on the 7th at 9pm.

Beta Sigma Psi:

We have a Thursday Night Football Watch Party on September 5th at 7:00 pm, a BBQ on September 10th at 5:30 pm, and a Pizza and Poker Night on September 16th at 7:30 pm. All three of these events would take place at our chapter house, 706 W. Ohio Street.

Alpha Sigma Psi:

our three recruitment events are all cookouts at our chapter house at 211 East Armory Avenue, Champaign. They will be August 25, August 31, and September 6, all at 6PM.


Delta Kappa Epsilon:
1. August 28, 6p.m. Bags/volleyball/water pong tournaments 
2. September 11, 7p.m. Casino/Poker night
3. September 15, 7p.m. Gaming night(video games)
All events will be hosted at the DKE house, 311 e armory ave.


August 28th: Event with 4H sorority August 29th dodgeball September 3rd sand volleyball september 5th NFL opener september 11th cookout

Zeta Beta Tau:

Tuesday August 27th: 3v3 hoops tournament, back of ZBT house 907 S Fourth Street
Thursday September 5th: NFL kickoff viewing party 907 S Fourth Street
Friday September 13th: Brotherhood BBQ

Delta Chi:

August 25th BBQ @ The Delta Chi House @ 5pm
August 27th Volleyball tournament @ The Delta Chi house @ 5pm,and
September 8th Poker and Pizza @ The Delta Chi house @7pm.

Kappa Delta Rho:

5 PM move in day barbecue August 23rd. Post Quad Day barbecue August 25th. Open house 4-7PM August 29th. Casino night 7pm August 29th. Dunk Tank 4pm September 3rd. Wing Night September 5th 7pm. Pug roast 5pm september 7th. broom ball 9pm September 10th. BBall at Arc 4pm September 12th. Bonfire 8pm September 15th

Phi Kappa Tau:

1. Aug 23 Grillout at the house 4pm
2. Aug 28 Bonfire and Smores at the house 9pm
3. Sept 5 Bears opener with wings and snacks 7pm
Address of the house is 310 E Gregory Dr, Champaign, Illinois

Zeta Psi:

Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Night
- Wednesday, August 28th, 7:00-10:00 PM -
An event where people can enjoy competing at video games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.
Bowling with the Brothers
- Wednesday, September 4th, 6:00-8:00 PM -
An enjoyable night of bowling at the Illini Union.
Game Night
- Wednesday, September 11th, 7:00-10:00 PM - 
Various group board games and card games.


8/26 Barbecue
8/28 Tech Smash
9/1 Lazer Tag

Kappa Sigma:

8/27 Bubble Soccer. Location is 212 E Daniel St
9/6 Casino Night. Location is 212 E Daniel St
9/10 Eating Contest. Location is 212 E Daniel St. (In case you are wondering, we'll be eating cheeseburgers)

Delta Upsilon:

1. 3v3 basketball tournament at 4:30 pm on august 28th at the chapter house (312 east armory avenue)

2. Football tournament at 12pm on september 1st at frat park (245 E Chalmers St)

3. Bears vs Packers viewing at 7pm on september 5th at the chapter house (312 east armory avenue)

Omega Delta:

Three events we will be hosting are: cookout on Aug. 25th; Tailgate on Aug. 31st; Informational on Sep. 10th. 

Alpha Gamma Rho:

Tuesday August 27th cookout. Thursday 29th Good dinner. Tuesday September 3rd cookout an bags.

Chi Psi:

Tuesday 8/27 - pizza and house tour event starting at 6 pm. Thursday 8/29 - Card/Game Night starting 7 pm. Sunday 9/1 - Barbeque and bags starting at 1 pm. All events will take place at 710 West Ohio Street.

Pi Kappa Alpha:

First house tour on 8/26, a meet the actives BBQ on 8/25, and Wing Night 8/28.

Phi Sigma Kappa:

August 26 (House Tours and BBQ)
-August 27 (Sand Volleyball)
-September 5th (Bears vs Packers and WINGS)
All the dates listed above will be at our Chapter House (1004 S 2nd Street, Champaign, IL, 61820)



Group One: August 26th 4-7Pm 

-Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Nu, Farmhouse, Sigma Tau Gamma, Beta Sigma Psi, Chi Psi

Uncertified Houses: Omega Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zeta Psi, Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Group Two: August 27th 4-7Pm

Phi Kappa Theta, Sigma Phi Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Psi Upsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Group Three: August 28th 4-7Pm

-Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Chi, Theta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, Triangle, Delta Chi, Alpha Gamma Rho

Group Four: 29th 4-7Pm 

-Alpha Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Acacia, Delta Upsilon, Phi Sigma Kappa, Theta Xi, Kappa Delta Rho, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi